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June 7, 2023

DUCA Impact Lab – Escalator Loan Pilot
Rebuilding Credit Through Inclusive and Fair Lending

Durham Deaf Services is grateful to Keith Taylor, Executive Director of DUCA Impact Lab and DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. for their support.

Alternative Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Program (Online Only)

Deaf Learn Now is an Online Literacy Program offered on e-channel through George Brown College. Click below to take a look!

Deaf Youth Hub

Deaf Youth HUB is a centre of resources for Deaf and hard of hearing youth who are exploring education and employment.

American Sign Language Orientation DVD


Covering ~600 words!

Introducing a new DVD for hearing individuals who want to learn American Sign Language (ASL). The vocabulary section of the DVD covers approximately 600 words, taught in a new easy-to-follow format. Learn the proper handshapes for each sign taught and see how they are signed from different perspectives. Also included in the DVD is an introduction to the Deaf Community, Deaf culture, ASL linguistics and more! DVD includes subtitles and voiceover.


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